Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damage – Columbus Home

Water damage struck at this Columbus home while the residents were away. A water line burst in the attic and water flowed for a day or more onto the ceiling bel... READ MORE

Mold Damage - Columbus Home

Mold damage developed at this Columbus home due to a leaking supply line to the dishwasher. The drywall behind the cabinetry became moisture-laden and that comb... READ MORE

German Village Commercial Building Suffers Storm Damage

The stormwater entered this storage and maintenance area of a commercial building in German Village and soaked the wood flooring. Whenever SERVPRO ASD applied s... READ MORE

Columbus Condo Flooding

The mail room in this condominium in Columbus was cover in about an inch of dirty, muddy groundwater after a storm passed by. The mail must go through, so it is... READ MORE

Mold Damage – Columbus Home

Mold damage was discovered in this Columbus home in the area of the water heater. A water line leading to the water heater had developed a small leak that gradu... READ MORE

Fire Damage – Columbus Home

Fire damage to this Columbus home began in the kitchen when an overhead fan had an electrical short. The fire spread to the adjacent dining room shown in the ph... READ MORE

Storm Damage – Columbus Offices

Storm damage struck this Columbus office building when a powerful thunderstorm carrying high winds tore a portion of the flat roof from the building allowing ma... READ MORE

Building Storage Area and Fire Damage--Columbus

This commercial building suffered a fire-damaging event from stored flammable liquids. Infractions from safe and mandated storage codes created this problem. If... READ MORE

Columbus Water and Sewage Problem

When commercial properties in the Columbus area suffer from sewage backup and some flooding, professional help is needed to restore a safe and sanitary environm... READ MORE

Columbus Wind and Rain Storm

Strong winds can rip holes in the roofs of homes in the Columbus area. The Before Photo depicts the ceiling damage caused by the currents of air. SERVPRO of Sou... READ MORE