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Water Damage Technicians Out of Columbus Talk about Drying Carpet without Detaching

7/5/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage Technicians Out of Columbus Talk about Drying Carpet without Detaching SERVPRO Can Remove Water Damaged Carpeting and Dry the Subfloor in Columbus Properties

SERVPRO Provides Flexible Water Removing Techniques from Floor Materials

If a water leak ever takes place at your Columbus residence, one of the first places moisture affects is your flooring. Since water follows gravity, when it comes out of a pipe located inside the walls it often travels directly down to the floor. When carpet and other flooring materials get wet, several issues can arise. If carpet gets saturated the glues can lose their strength and the backing can peel away from the carpet fibers. Carpet and pad can both lose their bonding and strength if they stay wet for too long. If wet too long, the paper backing on the carpet can develop mold.

Any time the carpet inside your house gets wet it is a wise idea to remove the moisture from the materials before a fungus can develop. During every water damage project in Columbus, wet carpets get extracted and dried out so that they cannot trap moisture inside the subfloor as well. Depending on how wet the floor got and how long the moisture has sat there, dictates which techniques our SERVPRO technicians can implement.

In many cases, when the carpet is heavily saturated, we pull up the carpet and pad to check the subfloor underneath. We then pull all of the affected carpets up, and most of the time we remove the wet pad since it is rather inexpensive to replace. If the subfloor is wet, we then set air movers up underneath the carpeting. The air pushed by the movers then "float" the carpet allowing airflow underneath the flooring and across the subfloor's surface. In some situations though, it is more efficient to dry out the carpet and pad without placing air moving equipment underneath it.

Whenever we dry carpet in place, our SERVPRO crew sets up air movers and dehumidifiers that dry out the materials from the top down. During in-place drying, we extract the carpet moisture more thoroughly and increase the number of air movers and dehumidifiers in the affected area. Using this method, occupants inside the home do not have to be displaced. In many situations, furniture inside your house does not have to be moved.

If the carpet does not have to be removed, it suffers less damage. If it does not get pulled and reinstalled, then there is less of a chance that it will become delaminated. If you ever need professional assistance with drying out carpet and pad, call SERVPRO of South Columbus at (614) 863-1392 any time of the day.

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Flood Damage Can Undermine Your Columbus Area Home

6/28/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage Can Undermine Your Columbus Area Home There Is No Playing Footsy with SERVPRO's Flood Damage Cleanup and Restoration in Columbus Residential and Commercial Properties

Basements Demand Rapid Water Extraction After a Stormwater Intrusion

Many homes in Columbus sit on top of a basement. Over the years, these below-ground areas of a home sustain different types of weathering and wear than the rest of the home experiences. Heavy rainfall during storms can saturate the ground, and if water does not drain away from your home correctly, damaging effects can happen to the foundation or basement walls.

During or immediately after heavy rains in Columbus, flood damage can happen to your home. Misaligned gutters and downspouts can significantly add to the problem, or cause it to occur during average, less fierce showers. Just like when flooding affects your home's living areas, SERVPRO is there to help you restore your basement after flooding events provide your family with an unwanted swimming pool in the basement.
Relying on your sump pump to remove the water from a drenched basement often leaves dampened areas and damaged concrete floors. The dangers risked by your family members as they attempt to clean things up involve many unknown factors, including pathogens and risk of electric shock.
Instead, having SERVPRO carry out the work keeps your family safe and out of harm's way. Our technicians arrive at your home fully experienced in mitigating this and many other types of disasters from homes and businesses. Our experience helps ensure that nothing crucial to protecting your home goes unnoticed or unattended. We always wear gear the protects us from head to toe.
Our equipment is state-of-the-art and developed especially for the restoration industry. We do more than dry out your basement. We ensure that we eliminate the pathogens present, including microbes like mold and mildew. Rapid drying of materials and belongings keep these two problems from developing and also makes it easier to restore damaged items. Our thermal imaging devices help us detect where water might exist without needing to see any dampness visually. This detection helps us identify areas that may not have received treatment, a crucial aspect of providing our services to you.
SERVPRO of South Columbus wants to help restore your home to pre-flood condition, no matter where flood damage exists in your residence. Contact us as soon as possible after a disaster occurs so we can begin restoring your home. Our 24-hour emergency service line is (614) 863-1392 for those in the Reynoldsburg, Grove City, and Obetz locales.

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Water Damage Experts In Columbus Discuss Problems With Cabinets

6/18/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage Experts In Columbus Discuss Problems With Cabinets For proper removal of all water damage, even that hidden behind cabinets, count on SERVPRO.

Removing water damage from under or behind kitchen cabinets

If a pipe running to a sink breaks inside your Columbus home, water can spill into other areas possibly causing extensive damage. Excessive moisture can ruin the structural integrity of building materials forcing them to be removed and replaced. When the problem takes place near a sink, there is a good chance your cabinets get affected by moisture.

Since cabinets are made of wood, reducing moisture levels promptly is vital to prevent mold growth. When mitigating water damage in Columbus the primary goal is to inhibit microbial development by removing moisture in less than 48 hours. These built-in storage units sometimes make the drying of wet materials difficult since they are attached to the wall. Vanities also can hold moisture in the wall cavities behind them requiring special techniques to dry out the materials quickly.

In some situations, our SERVPRO technicians can detach the cabinets so that the walls behind them are accessible. If removing cupboards is possible, air movers and dehumidifiers get set up to push air across the wall's surface and speed up the natural evaporation process. If the cabinets themselves are wet, they can get placed in an area of the air circulation so that they get dried out quickly as well.

In other cases, vanities cannot be removed easily without removing water pipes. In scenarios like these, our SERVPRO technicians dry out the cupboards and walls behind them while they are still in place. Some cabinets have toe-kicks that can be taken off so that air can get underneath them and reach the walls behind them. If cupboards have permanent toe-kicks, then the trim can be removed from them, and holes can be drilled into them to allow airflow underneath.

If our SERVPRO technicians test the moisture levels of the wall behind the cabinets and find high moisture levels in materials inside the wall cavities, then holes can get drilled into the cupboards' backing and drywall. The holes allow air coming from the air movers to get into the wall cavities and speed up the drying process. If this has to be done, then we can patch up the holes with wood putty once the job is completed.

Dealing with wet cabinets can be tricky and often take specialized techniques to dry within the 48 hour period. If you ever need help with wet cupboards, call SERVPRO of South Columbus at (614) 863-1392 any day of the week.

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Removing the Musty Odor From Mold Growth in Your Columbus Home

6/11/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Removing the Musty Odor From Mold Growth in Your Columbus Home Whether mold is in your walls, carpets or cabinets, the smell can be overwhelming. Contact SERVPRO immediately for great smelling results.

Quick SERVPRO Response to a Mold Infestation can Help Remove Odors Faster and More Thoroughly

As disturbing as it might be to find mold growing in your Columbus home, often this is not the thing that bothers homeowners the most. Typically, one of the most abrasive effects of mold colonization is the harsh musty odor that resonates from the thriving colony and spreads throughout this affected area of your home. In many cases, this same odor might have been the reason that you learned about the microbial growth in the first place.

While you might get fixated on removing the present growth from your house, you are also equally as inclined to want this odor removed from the residence as well. As one of the more uncomfortable effects of mold damage to your Columbus home, our SERVPRO team gets well equipped to deal with the deodorization that your house requires when colonization has occurred.

From the moment that we arrive at your home, much work has to get started almost immediately to limit the spread of mold to new areas of your house. Once this area gets isolated with air scrubbers, our team of applied microbial remediation technicians can work quickly to remove the mold colonies from where they have seated throughout your home.

Once the bulk of the remediation process has completed, our SERVPRO professionals are ready to start the deodorization. This procedure often involves the use of thermal foggers that can break apart the odor molecules in the environment with a dense chemical compound released from the machine. This process leaves no odor behind and is safe to use on furniture, clothing, fabrics, and carpets.

Our professionals get uniquely trained to the highest of industry standards set in place by the IICRC. This certification ensures that each member of our experienced team has the skill set to handle all forms of mold growth and the most efficient approach to colony removal and remediation. Trust our SERVPRO of South Columbus team of restoration specialists when you discover microbial growth in your home. Give us a call anytime at (614) 863-1392.

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Restoring Water Damage to Your Columbus University Dormitory

5/27/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Restoring Water Damage to Your Columbus University Dormitory Dorm life is an extension of home life. Make sure to contact SERVPRO if your college dorm area experiences water damage.

SERVPRO Technicians Make Your Water Damage Emergency Our Priority

Columbus has a lot of student housing and dormitories, and given the unpredictability of some of the students that attend universities here, you cannot always prevent disasters and damages to the facility. Water emergencies and concerns are among the most typical of restoration needs for these facilities, and this can get attributed to any number of causes stretching far beyond the negligence of the ordinary college student.

Regardless of how the commercial water damage affects your Columbus campus dormitory or facility, cleaning up the mess and restoring and damages that it might have caused are high priorities for the school. Lingering effects could have a negative impact on the reputation of the school, not to mention dangerous or potentially hazardous conditions that could result from not remedying the problem immediately.

For these types of situations that exceed far beyond the effectiveness of conventional cleaning approaches, you can put your trust in SERVPRO. Our team can arrive quickly to assess the damage and get to work on restoring the damages, cleaning up the mess, and drying the area entirely.

While you likely employ a staff of individuals that see to the cleanliness and maintenance of all of the buildings on campus, many water damage situations exceed the limitations of traditional drying efforts. Failure to eliminate the moisture and dampness lingering after a water incident can lead to compounding damages like microbial / mold growth. With the potential health effects now attributed to these fungal growths, this could be a severe issue for relocating students, not to mention a considerable blast to your school's reputation.

While you might not always require restoration services for the water incidents that affect dormitories and housing on your campus, it is always a good practice to know whom to call when you need professional assistance. Our SERVPRO of South Columbus team of water damage restoration specialists is available 24/7 to help you overcome any disaster that your facility might face. You can reach our emergency response team anytime by calling (614) 863-1392.

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Damaged Roofs Can Allow Flooding In A Columbus Home

5/14/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Damaged Roofs Can Allow Flooding In A Columbus Home Melting Snow and Ice Often Cause Flooding of South Columbus Properties

Rapid Post Flooding Water Removal Limits Damage to Your Property--Call SERVPRO for Fast Help

With the recent winters that Columbus homeowners have seen, heavy snowfall might have wreaked a little more havoc than just making automobile travel taxing. With substantial weight on the roof of your home, supports underneath the roof stress and buckle under the pressure placed on them for extended periods it took for the weather to warm enough to melt the inches away. With this pressure, many roofs in the area became unknowingly damaged, allowing small amounts of water to pass through and worsen over time.

With spring in the air, you can anticipate the torrential rainfall is coming right along with the changing of the season. The unfortunate aspect of this for those roofs that started to degrade with the harsh winter is the likelihood of flood damages to your Columbus home.

While many people might combat flooding in the basement of their home from the severe weather systems that often roll across the Buckeye State, attic flooding poses a more substantial threat to your home and every floor of your house below this attic space. As the water begins to penetrate the roof and pool in the attic, you might be completely unaware of a problem until the water begins to force its way through the ceiling of the rooms below the attic.

Fortunately, SERVPRO technicians are here to help you when you need it. With a fast response time on your part to give our team a call, we can get out to your home and start working to restore the present damage and isolate the damaged areas of your roof to prevent further harm from occurring. The longer that the problem persists, the more widespread and devastating it can be to structural components and construction materials in your home, so do not hesitate at the first sign of trouble.

Our SERVPRO professionals assess the full reach of the problem once immediate threats have gotten handled. In these situations, extraction is critical to establishing an environment that limits the possibility of worsening damage and allows our technicians space and opportunity to get to work on other issues present from the flood.

While your home is likely going to require the services of a residential contractor to resolve the pressing concerns of a compromised roof, our SERVPRO of South Columbus technicians can clean up the mess and return your home to its preloss condition. Give us a call anytime you need us at (614) 863-1392.

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Cleaning and Removing Mold Damage in Columbus Homes

5/4/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Cleaning and Removing Mold Damage in Columbus Homes If mold spores have grown into a food source, such as ceiling tiles, wood or drywall, SERVPRO quickly removes them.

SERVPRO is Here to Help Restore Your Home after Mold Damage

Even the word mold can scare Columbus homeowners. The effects of it can be disconcerting and damaging to residences and property.

Columbus mold damage needs to be removed and cleaned quickly, but the reasons are primarily to protect the home and personal property. SERVPRO also knows that mold can cause health effects in some people.

To begin with, our technicians have to halt current growth. They do this by finding and drying up the source of moisture that allows the mold spores to expand and start searching for a source of food. Even a small amount of water, like a pool that collects under a rusted connection or a leak in the attic roof. In most of these cases, the repairs are minor, and our teams can quickly fix them. For major plumbing or roofing issues, SERVPRO recommends the homeowner uses a licensed general contractor.

After they halt the growth, our restoration teams wipe down every affected surface and clean them of any spores. Often, the growth is in a dry, powdery form that wipes up easily with either a dry sponge or an anti-fungal agent to break up thicker growths and then remove them with a sponge or cloth.

When the mold is in a difficult to reach place like under a floor or in an attic, technicians use a stronger anti-fungal agent with a fogger machine to create a cloud which can reach every surface in these tight, enclosed spaces. They also use the fogging method to reach mold growing behind walls.

If the mold spores had time to grow into the food source, like ceiling tile, wood, or drywall, technicians quickly remove them. They carefully break up and bag the pieces to avoid accidentally spreading the mold. After removing the growth, our technicians spray the surfaces behind the affected pieces to kill any remaining spores.

The goal of SERVPRO of South Columbus is to restore every home possible to its original, pre-mold condition. If you can see the effects of a mold infestation in your home, call us at (614) 863-1392 today. We are here for you.

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Keeping Costs and Time in Mind During Columbus Flood Damage Restorations

4/29/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Keeping Costs and Time in Mind During Columbus Flood Damage Restorations Finding your living quarters underwater can seem insurmountable. Contact SERVPRO and we can help you through the entire process.

Team SERVPRO Arrives Swiftly to Begin the Drying Task After Flooding

It can be difficult to put your mind at ease after flood damage in Columbus, as damage may initially seem far more severe than it really is. With the help of a professional restoration company like SERVPRO, you can get your home dry and ready to live in quickly and with minimal cost on your part. Everything we do, from our initial response to the drying process and even through extended restorations, is done with haste and your well-being in mind.

We can usually dry out a home in Columbus with flood damage in just a few days. Our drying services include water extraction if necessary as well as specially-designed techniques to remove water from the deepest recesses of your home. Our industrial-strength equipment allows us to thoroughly dry the entire area without taking any more time than is necessary to get the job done. After drying is complete, we can move on to the task of restoring your home to the way it was before the flood.

Restorations can take more time than drying out the home does but should inconvenience you for no more than a few weeks before we finish. Our usual goal is to return your home to the state it was in before the disaster, a complex task that requires experienced personnel, access to building materials and paints unique to your home, and top-of-the-line tools to accomplish in full. The nationwide SERVPRO network allows us to check off all boxes with ease and even call in additional help from nearby franchises if we need it.

All throughout this process, we do our best to conserve not only your time but also your expenditures. We replace as few objects and materials as possible during our work to eliminate costs associated with purchases of brand-new products. Furthermore, our representatives function as an intermediary between you and your insurance provider and can help to negotiate favorable payments, adjustments, and decisions from them.

SERVPRO of South Columbus stands ready after every heavy storm to respond to local calls for help with flood damage. Call us as soon as disaster strikes at (614) 863-1392.

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Spring is Here, But Winter Can Leave Behind Signs of Water Damage in Columbus

4/10/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Spring is Here, But Winter Can Leave Behind Signs of Water Damage in Columbus Leaks, Wet Insulation and Water Stains in Columbus Need Restorative Help

From Water Stains to Removal SERVPRO Does Cleanup and Restoration

Columbus residents can soon begin enjoying the warmer weather, with roofs and roads alike no longer covered in ice and snow. Just as ice causes problems on the road for those traveling on them, it often causes problems for the interior of homes.
When ice and snow cover a home with deteriorated attic insulation, ice dams can lead to interior water damage in Columbus. Signs of this problem include stained upper walls and ceilings. However, these stains appear months after the presence of ice dams cause the problem. SERVPRO experts can measure the moisture content in different parts of your home to determine how much moisture they contain. We take these readings with a moisture meter throughout our work in restoring your home.
Fortunately, water does not always excessively damage a home's interior, and we can often perform some minor clean up, desiccation, and maybe even repainting of the affected areas. Other times, though, a house might require a much more concentrated response. Depending on the type of paint and the amount of water that entered your home through your roof because of the presence of ice dams, the damaging effects might include structural deficits, as well as discoloration and staining of visible portions.
More extensive work might include removal of compressed insulating materials from your attic, draining away of stagnant water via weep holes drilled into the ceiling and then patched once the area becomes dry again, or removal of damaged materials, followed by replacement materials that a contractor of your choice can install.
We understand the importance of restoring your home's regular, safe level of humidity, both for your family's comfort and the stability of the structure. High levels of moisture can lead to other problems in addition to water damage, including mold damage. We do not only restore your home "Like it never even happened", but we also help prevent the problem from resurfacing in the future by eliminating possible causes such as wet insulation, high humidity, and leaks that can allow springtime showers to dump rain into your attic.
SERVPRO of South Columbus is ready to help you and your family with water damage and other issues with your home. Call us at our 24-hour service line at (614) 863-1392 to begin the process of protecting your home from the elements.

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What You Can Do When You Discover Mold Growing In Your Columbus Home

4/3/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation What You Can Do When You Discover Mold Growing In Your Columbus Home Mold damage can come about in a variety of ways inside of your home.

Discovering Mold Growing In Your Home

Mold damage can come about in a variety of ways inside of your home. For example, excessive humidity can encourage spores to grow, and water damage from a leaking pipe can give them the necessary moisture to flourish. The problem with mold growing in your home is that it can cause health effects. Because of this problem, it is safer to have it removed as soon as possible upon finding it. Fortunately, professional help is close at hand and just a phone call away.

Due to being settled on a river, humidity puts homes in Columbus at a higher risk for damaging mold growth. Beyond health effects, another reason it is so important to deal with mold immediately is that it is directly responsible for the decomposition of organic materials such as wood. To preserve the longevity of your home, our technicians can section off the area of your home with mold and begin a remediation process.

The reason it is essential for our SERVPRO technicians to contain the mold is that spores can travel through the air once they are disturbed; thick plastic sheeting can be used to close off barriers. Afterward, depending on the material that is affected, the removal process can begin, and our technicians can select the right method to do so.

Usually, if the affected surface is porous, the material needs to be removed and discarded. Otherwise, it is possible to merely clean mold away. For cleaning mold, SERVPRO uses HEPA vacuuming on dry surfaces. If the mold exists in layers of soils, we can damp wipe the area with detergent. After the mold is agitated and removed, all that remains is to clean settled dust and spores that have settled.

If you find mold damage inside of your home, do not wait. Day or night, contact SERVPRO of South Columbus at (614) 863-1392. We can send our technicians as soon as possible to begin the remediation process swiftly.

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