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September is National Preparedness Month

9/11/2020 (Permalink)

2020 national preparedness month logo Disasters don't wait. Make a plan today!

National Preparedness Month is recognized each September to promote family and community disaster planning now and throughout the course of the year. As our nation continues to respond to COVID-19, there is no better time to be involved this September.

Week 1: The first week in September is focused around making a plan. Prepare by talking to your friends and family about how you will communicate before, during, and after a disaster. Be sure to update your plan based on the Centers for Disease Control recommendations due to the coronavirus.

Week 2: The second week in September is about building a kit. Gather supplies that will last for several days after a disaster for everyone living in your home.  Don’t forget to consider the unique needs each person or pet may have in case you have to evacuate quickly. Update your kits and supplies based on recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control.

Week 3: The third week in September is focused on preparing for disasters. Limit the impacts that disasters have on you and your family.  Know the risk of disasters in your area and check your insurance coverage. Learn how to make your home stronger in the face of storms and other common hazards and act fast if you receive a local warning or alert.

Week 4: The last week in September is geared towards teaching the youth about preparedness. Be sure to talk to your kids about preparing for emergencies and what to do in case you are separated. Reassure them by providing information about how they can get involved.

Oh No! My Apartment Flooded, What Do I Do?!

8/25/2020 (Permalink)

equipment set in apartment unit This multiple unit water damage was caused by a pipe leak.

Dealing with water damage is never fun but it is especially a nightmare for renters. Water can cause very extensive damage and result in costly repairs. Follow the tips below to know what to do next if your apartment floods.

  1. Identify The Source: Whether the issue is a leaking pipe, overflowing sink or toilet, or leaking washing machine line, the first step is finding where the water is coming from. It may be possible to turn off the water source from a source by the toilet, under the sink or valve connected to the washing machine.
  2. Contact Your Landlord Or Property Manager: You want to protect your belongings but your Landlord or Property Manager also wants to protect their property. Make them aware of the damages immediately, as the extent of the damage will continue to increase the more time passes. Water damages are not unlikely to happen, so they should have a plan in place when this occurs. In order for a restoration company to come in and mitigate the water damage, the owner of the property must authorize them to begin services since tenants are unable to make decisions on a property that does not belong to them.
  3. Notify Your Neighbors: It is courteous to notify your neighbors of any flooding or water damage you have experienced especially if you live above someone else. There is a high possibility that your water disaster can affect your neighbor's unit as well. Make sure your neighbor looks out for any slow leaks or mold growth that may appear as a result.
  4. Access And Document All Damage: Take time to document the damages to your unit. Take plenty of photos with the date, time and notes of the damage. They will come in handy when working with your landlord's insurance company and your renter's insurance company.
  5. Contact Your Insurance Company: If you have renter’s insurance on your apartment, call and inquire to see if your policy covers the damage. There is a high possibility that your renter's insurance policy will cover any water leak in your apartment that causes water damage to your personal belongings.
  6. Discuss Repairs And Professional Cleaning: Talk to the landlord or Property Manager about how maintenance and repairs will work. Make notes of the repairs being done and report any ongoing leaks or delayed maintenance work. Once the repairs are done, you’ll most likely need professional cleaning from a company like SERVPRO to restore your apartment.

Whatever the case may be, our SERVPRO of South Columbus Team is highly trained to clean and properly document the entire process ensuring that all parties involved are kept informed.

Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance

8/25/2020 (Permalink)

sprinkler head If you experience unexpected damage due to a malfunctioning sprinkler head, call SERVPRO of South Columbus.

Fires can happen without warning and can cause extensive damage to your commercial property. According to the National Fire Protection Association, property damage from fires totaled in about $12 million in 2012. Luckily we have fire sprinklers that are considered one of the most effective fire suppression systems available. When a building sprinkler system is activated by a fire, they are effective 96% of the time according to the NFPA. That's why it is very important for these systems to be in good condition and maintained regularly.

  • Be sure to inspect all control valves to ensure that they are open, accessible, properly locked, and free from any leaks. Examine water and air pressure gauges to make sure they are showing normal ranges in good condition.
  • Inspect the condition of sprinkler heads for paint, dust, or obstructions.
  • Make sure there is an adequate clearance of at least 18 inches from the height of storage to the sprinkler head. This prevents anything from accidentally knocking into it.
  • Have at least 6 spare heads that correspond to the type and temperature rate of the heads in use.
  • Inspect all fire department connections to verify caps are in place and that no damage is present.
  • Check low points on dry sprinkler systems to remove water to prevent freezing.
  • Maintain adequate heat within a dry sprinkler control valve room to prevent freezing.
  • Always report damage to any part of a sprinkler immediately.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned

8/13/2020 (Permalink)

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned; A Higher Standard of Clean

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed what it means to be clean. Being open for business is just the beginning of our new journey forward. Employees may be hesitant to return to work, and customers may wonder whether the businesses they patron are safe.

We are proud to launch Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned—a cleaning and disinfecting program that SERVPRO offers to commercial locations to address the current COVID-19 pandemic. This is a level of clean that goes way beyond janitorial or carpet cleaning. This is proactive viral pathogen cleaning. When businesses chose SERVPRO, their employees, customers, and community can rest assured that they’ve selected a “higher standard of clean”—Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned.

Please contact our SERVPRO of South Columbus office at 614-863-1392 to have your building Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned. 

Fire Pit Safety Tips

8/13/2020 (Permalink)

fire in fire pit outside If you experience an unexpected fire caused by a fire pit, call our SERVPRO Team!

Here in Southern Columbus it's common for homeowners to gather around a fire pit and enjoy the company of family and friends. Before you jump right into endless nights of enjoying your fire pit, be sure to keep these safety tips in mind provided by Nationwide Insurance.

Preparing your outdoor fire pit

  • Make sure the ground or surface is even to reduce the risk of fire escaping beyond your fire pit.
  • To keep your fire from causing damage, build the fire pit at least 10 feet from your home, fences, trees and the like.
  • Smooth stones from river beds may have absorbed moisture over time and can heat rapidly and explode. Instead of river stones, build your fire pit with dry, rough stones.

Using your outdoor fire pit

  • Avoid using your fire pit on windy days, since flames or embers can spread to your home, yard and nearby trees.
  • Never use gasoline or kerosene to start your fire; such fuels can cause a fire to get out of control quickly. Instead, use dry wood as kindling that doesn’t extend beyond the edge of the pit.
  • Even if your fire pit is small, flames can spread quickly if left unattended. Monitor at all times.
  • Make sure guests maintain a proper distance and don’t exhibit risky behavior. Keep close tabs on children and pets.

Extinguishing your outdoor fire pit

  • Once you extinguish your fire with water, gently stir and spread the ashes to cool. Leave only when they’re cool to the touch.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher, garden hose or bucket of sand close to douse the fire in case it gets out of hand. If you can’t put it out quickly, call 9-1-1.

These fire pit safety tips can help prevent unmanageable fires, injuries and more. If disaster does strike, SERVPRO of South Columbus is here to help!

Columbus Is Flooded, What Now?

7/6/2020 (Permalink)

standing water on concrete floor This basement flooded due to the sump pump not being able to keep up during a recent storm.

Columbus has experienced two major storm events in the last couple months causing thousands of local homeowners to find themselves with water in their homes. This water enters the home through the foundation, up through the sump pump, and down through small unknown holes in the roof. Unfortunately when Columbus gets that amount of rain during a small period of time, it is almost inevitable that the water will find its way into your home.

You have discovered water in your home. Now what? Your first thought should be to call SERVPRO! Here at SERVPRO of South Columbus we watch the weather and are prepared for any storm coming into the area.

Unfortunately when the storms are really big like they were in March and May of this year, our phones are ringing off of the hook. Hundreds and hundreds of calls rolling in, but we don't get worried. You know why? Because we have our National Storm Team ready to help us whenever big storms hit our Columbus area.

After the March and May storms, we activated our National Storm Team to help us take care of all of the water damaged homes in Columbus. Both events, we had at least 15 other franchises helping us out and we couldn't have been happier.

So don't get nervous the next time a big storm rolls in and everyone on your street gets flooded, rest assured SERVPRO of South Columbus and the National Storm Team is here to help! Call our SERVPRO Team today!

You Had A Fire, Now What?

7/2/2020 (Permalink)

fire damaged walls This fire was caused by a cooking accident.

Imagine this, you are cooking a delicious dinner for your family, you walk out of the kitchen to attend to other household duties and all of a sudden you start smelling smoke. Oh no! Your kitchen is on fire, going up in flames. You call your nearest fire department immediately, they put out the fire and there you are left with the aftermath. What a mess! You think, "What am I going to do? Who do I call?"

The answer to that question is SERVPRO! Not only do we just handle water disasters, we take care of fire disasters as well. Having a fire in your beloved home is always scary and very stressful. Here at SERVPRO of South Columbus, we take the stress out of restoring your home after a fire.

After a fire you may notice a build up of soot on the walls and a strong smoke odor throughout your home. We are able to take care of the structural cleaning of your home such as cleaning the ceilings, walls, woodwork, carpeting and floors. We are also able to clean the contents that were affected by the recent fire. This includes area rugs, furniture, draperies and upholstery. Lastly our SERVPRO team is able to rid your home of the offensive odors left behind by fire or smoke damage.

Although we never want you to experience a fire in your home, rest assured that SERVPRO of South Columbus always here to help if you do experience an unexpected fire. Call our office at 614-863-1392 for all of your fire damage needs.

Summer Storms Can Bring Unexpected Water Damage In Your Home

6/23/2020 (Permalink)

equipment set in residential home This flooded residential home was caused by a recent storm.

It's official, summer is FINALLY here! It's the time of the year that we have all been waiting for. It's a time for us to be outside, enjoy the sunshine and get ourselves a nice tan. But we always forget that summer also brings us storms, which means rain! Bummer!

You have probably already noticed that our forecast lately has a lot rain in the future. Does the upcoming rain make you think about your home? Probably not, you're too busy waiting for the rain to go away so you can get back outside again. But you should be thinking about your home especially with the upcoming storms we may have this summer.

Thinking about your home and the rain, you should have SERVPRO in the back of your mind! Our SERVPRO of South Columbus team is here for all of your water damage needs.

Here at SERVPRO we are prepared for any upcoming storm even though you may not be. We have a 24-7 on-call technician available for you, even in the early morning hours. We are ready to address your next residential disaster and send a crew right out to you. We want to get a crew out to you quickly, we don't like to wait around, that causes secondary damages to your home which means more downtime. No fun!

SERVPRO is prepared for the unexpected! That's our business and we love it! SERVPRO of South Columbus is always here to help. Call us today!

Don't Wait! Call SERVPRO To Start The Water Removal Process In Your Commercial Building

6/3/2020 (Permalink)

equipment set on carpet hallway of commercial facility Your janitorial team is NOT equipped to handle large water damage issues. That's why our SERVPRO team is here for you!

A flood can be a nightmare for a customer-facing business. Unfortunately, they are not easy to prevent due to the myriad of potential causes. A customer could leave a faucet on, an aging pipe could finally burst, or even extreme weather conditions could result in flooding. These all can cause temporary closure, and those that happen overnight can be particularly damaging. To limit the loss of revenue and be able to return your staff to work, you can use our professional restoration service.

The job of commercial water removal in Columbus properties is usually one that goes beyond the scope of your janitorial team. SERVPRO has access to national resources and can train local technicians while providing them with the right equipment to work on larger job sites. We operate our emergency line twenty-four hours a day to help our commercial businesses in times of need.

A water issue in a property is not always a case of large quantities of standing water. Sometimes a leak can spread out across a large surface area. This excess water is then absorbed into floors or wall cavities, primarily if the problem occurs during the close of business hours. We can conduct mitigation tasks quickly to help to ensure that no lasting damages are sustained to your property.

One method of removing water from a property is through creating airflow. SERVPRO use rapid air movers in a variety of ways to start this process. These equipment work by blasting air out at the surface level which pushes moisture into the air. Working with an open system, the circulation can replace wet air with drier air from outside the property.

Air movers can also be adapted to create circulation in areas of the property that would usually be hard to access. By attaching shrouds to an air mover, SERVPRO can re-purpose them to send air currents through wall cavities or beneath floorboards. These steps can often be essential in mitigating against microbial growth.

The benefit of professional assistance it that it can help to guard against expensive secondary damages, contact SERVPRO of Northeast Columbus at (614) 888-5700.

Restoring A Flooded Building

6/3/2020 (Permalink)

equipment set in office building after flood Restoring an office building after a flooding event has a lot of moving parts.

Restoring an office building after a flooding event has a lot of moving parts. Even when professional restorers of our team can get on the scene very quickly, many things must happen to make the space usable again. Such was the case with this specific office in Columbus that our professionals worked to restore back to its original condition.

Several steps play into flood damage restoration for this Columbus office building. As always, this process began with an overall assessment of the damage and the appropriate tools and personnel required to restore it. Once this was established, work could begin.

In the image, you can see that the flooring had to get removed by our SERVPRO technicians. This was partly because the damage was irreparable to the flooring material, and also partly an easier access point for our professionals to work to dry out the dampness in the sub-flooring and lower levels.

You can also see what is known as flood cuts throughout the office space. This process serves to remove overly saturated drywall from the affected areas but has a dual purpose to allow concentrated drying efforts to happen within the now open wall cavities. These cuts were made at two feet from the floors up the wall, but this size varies from project to project based on the affected surfaces and what amount of the drywall requires removal.

Mitigation is an important aspect of flood restoration. The better our SERVPRO technicians can stop damages from getting worse, the shorter these projects take overall and the lesser their estimated costs for your business or property. It is part of our pledge to be Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Overcoming flooding in your office building can seem overwhelming at first, even amid the restoration work. However, with the right professional restoration team, you can have a fully restored office space as quickly as possible. Trust in the experience and expertise of our SERVPRO of Northeast Columbus flood restoration specialists and give SERVPRO a call today at (614) 888-5700.