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hardwood floors removed and equipment set

Water Damaged Hardwood Floors

The hardwood floors in this residential home had to be removed after a dish washer leaked causing a significant amount of water damage. Unfortunately, the water was left sitting in the floors too long that the hardwood floors could not be saved and had to be removed.

crew member extracting water from commercial bathroom

Our SERVPRO Team Is Highly Trained

Every member of our SERVPRO of South Columbus Team is highly trained in water, fire, and mold remediation/restoration techniques. Here is an example of our SERVPRO technicians extracting water from a bathroom after a commercial water loss. We make it "Like it never even happened." 

desiccant outside of commercial building

Commercial Desiccant

Our SERVPRO of South Columbus Team used a desiccant for a recent commercial loss. Desiccants are used on a larger scale water loss to remove moisture from the air. Our desiccant helps the process of bringing the affected area back to a state of dryness and is mainly used for commercial losses. More specifically, it helps mitigate water damage.

equipment set on hardwood floors

Saving Your Hardwood Floors

When a wood floor gets wet, believe it or not but it isn't the end of the world! Here at SERVPRO of South Columbus we have the necessary state of the art equipment and experience to save your hardwood floors after water damage.

female employee in PPE cleaning police car

Cleaning Local Police Cars

Shout out to the great work our Cleveland office is doing! Our SERVPRO of The North Coast employee, Sonja is shown above cleaning the local Fairview Park Police Cars in Cleveland.

Our Team always goes above and beyond for those who protect us!

equipment set in residential apartment

We Are Your Go To For Water Clean Up

SERVPRO of South Columbus is the company to call if your home or business in Southern Columbus suffers a water disaster. There is never a good time for water damage strike, but our SERVPRO team is always ready to respond when you need us!

water stain on white ceiling

Your Neighbor's Water Damage Is Your Water Damage Too

Even though you try to stop potential water damage disasters from happening in your own home, you can't stop water disasters from happening in your neighbors home that could potentially affect you. When these upstairs neighbors had a toilet overflow, the downstairs neighbors had water damage on the ceiling as you can see in the picture above. SERVPRO of South Columbus cut out the affected ceiling, dried out the floor above and replaced the damaged ceiling.

equipment stacked on shelves

Our Equipment And Technicians Are Ready To Go

Whether it is a big or small disaster our SERVPRO of South Columbus warehouse is full of equipment ready to handle any size disaster that gets thrown our way.

hardwood floor removed and equipment set

Dishwasher Leak In Residential Home

SERVPRO of South Columbus was called out to this home when the homeowners noticed their hardwood floors starting to buckle. They had no idea that their dishwasher had been leaking for quite awhile. Our Team got right to work to remove the affected hardwood floors and set equipment to dry out the sub-flooring.

water covering floor of showroom in commercial building

Flooded Showroom At Local Business

Our SERVPRO of South Columbus Team was called out to this commercial business for emergency services caused by a toilet supply line coming loose. As you can see in the picture above, there was a significant amount of water on the floor. Our SERVPRO crew got right to work, extracting the water and getting this business back up and running.

wooden board over garage

Local Home Hit By A Car

Damage that affects your property is not always caused by a water leak or a fire that broke out. Sometimes your property can be hit by damage. That is what happened to this local Columbus home, a car ran into their home causing damage to their garage and entrance steps.

Our SERVPRO of South Columbus team was there right away to make the area safe for our homeowners.

tree puncturing roof

Tree Through The Roof

A storm that passed through the Columbus area resulted in a tree going through these homeowner's roof into their living room. Our SERVPRO team was there right away to board and tarp the roof to prevent secondary damage. SERVPRO of South Columbus is here 24-7 for your board up or tarping needs.

equipment set on concrete floor

Don't Hesitate To Call!

After experiencing a water loss in your residential or commercial property, it is important to call SERVPRO of South Columbus as quickly as possible. Waiting to call can result in secondary damages, such as mold, to your property. Give our SERVPRO team a call today!

mold on wall

Undetected Water Damage

Water damage that goes undetected can quickly turn into mold. That's why it is important to address the situation right away. Our SERVPRO of South Columbus team is available for your water damage needs 24/7.

wood over window on back of house


When you experience damage to your property either by a break in or from a storm, leave the hassle of a board up to the professionals at SERVPRO of South Columbus. Our team can board up the damaged property and mitigate and remediate the original damage, providing you with peace of mind while helping make it “Like it never even happened.”

Box of biohazard contents

Trauma Clean Up

SERVPRO of South Columbus is very sensitive with Trauma Clean Ups.  Trauma Clean up requires the removal of all materials that have been affected or have come in contact with blood or body fluids. Our highly trained staff is certified in crime and trauma cleaning for any situation.

Storm Damage – Columbus Office Building

Storm damage at this Columbus office building deposited a large amount of water on the top floor of the facility. A strong thunderstorm carrying high winds had damaged the roof of the structure, allowing the heavy rains to enter the building freely. SERVPRO of South Columbus could take care of the property managers first need, which would be to place tarps on the damaged roof sections. Once that task had been accomplished, our industry certified technicians would clean up the water on the inside of the building and set up equipment to help in the drying process.

Fire Damage – Columbus Home

Fire damage to this Columbus home began with a burning candle. The candle started the wall on fire, and the picture shows the result of the fire. SERVPRO of South Columbus would remove the damaged portion of the wall and clean up the residue left by the fire extinguisher. Dealing with the odor would be a major concern and our industry certified technicians would set up a hydroxyl generator to help clean the air up. When this was completed, the damaged portion of the wall could be replaced.

Fire Damage – Columbus Home

Fire damage at this Columbus home began in the stove’s oven. It was a small fire and was extinguished quickly with an ABC type fire extinguisher. There was no significant damage, but the walls had soot and smoke residue, and the air had that awful smell that a fire produces. SERVPRO of South Columbus could wipe down the soot and smoke residue and then set up a hydroxyl generator to remove the odorous airborne particles that caused the odor.

Water Damage Repair In Bexley

SERVPRO of South Columbus is your best option for water damage repair and restoration. Our crew is the best in the industry and are IICRC certified. We have the equipment, training, and experience to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Flood Damage In Downtown Columbus

Our team responded to a call regarding a flood damage emergency at a commercial property in Downtown Columbus. The office building suffered significant flood damage, and the flooring had to be removed. We then cut the drywall 24" above the floor to allow our experts to dry the internal wall structure and components. Our team of professionals was able to restore this property to pre-damage condition.

Commercial Building and a Sewage Backup Around German Village

SERVPRO responded immediately to a call to mitigate the damages being caused by a sewage blockage on a two-story commercial building. One of our vans has arrived at the site around the German Village neighborhood of Columbus. Pictured are several air movers and an LGR dehumidifier to complete the cleanup after our crew completes the interior demolition and disinfecting. Need help with a water or sewage problem? Here, on the van, is our contact information.

Storm Damage – Columbus

Storm damage in Columbus can sometimes reach massive proportions requiring giant sized commercial equipment to allow for appropriate remediation of water damage. SERVPRO of South Columbus is always prepared for any size disaster with the latest technology available. Shown in this photo is a commercial trailer mounted desiccant dehumidifier.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration In Pickerington

When your office experiences a water damage emergency, you need the team at SERVPRO of South Columbus. SERVPRO is locally owned and operated, and we are available 24/7. Our team is the best in the industry, and we are IICRC certified in water restoration. SERVPRO of South Columbus is Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Mold Damage – Columbus Condo

Mold damage at this Columbus condominium unit is readily visible in the before photo. One wall has been torn down and disposed of properly. Next, the pictured wall will need demolition as well. SERVPRO of South Columbus trained technicians can tear down and remove materials too damaged to restore. They also can clean and sanitize with antifungal agents to inhibit future mold growth.

Electrical Fire Damage--German Village

The short in the wall led to a small fire in this German Village kitchen. SERVPRO can wipe down the residues to prevent replacement of the walls and cabinets. A well-placed hydroxyl generator can also neutral the odors permeating the kitchen.

Mold Growth in a German Village Basement

Damp and dank basements, in German Village and other areas, is an invitation for mold development. Moisture, food source, temperature and a lack of sunlight, enhance opportunist dormant mold spores to proliferate. Call SERVPRO to remediate the mold and restore a preloss condition.

Water Damage In German Village

Discovering water damage on your property is the last thing you need. You can depend on the water damage restoration specialists at SERVPRO for professional and excellent service. Timing is vital when dealing with a water damage emergency, and our technicians will arrive quickly at your property. SERVPRO of South Columbus has the trained personnel, advanced equipment, and expertise to restore your property to pre-damage condition. We’re Here to Help!

Storm Damage – Columbus

Storm damage in Columbus can hit hard causing large losses and power outages. When conventional power is not available or sufficient SERVPRO of South Columbus brings their own trailer mounted portable generators. Pictured is a commercial-sized trailer mounted generator.

Bexley Water Damage to a Building

The leaking water fountain soaked the tile floors with water. The problem was the wicking into the walls. SERVPRO techs can pull off the molding to gain access to dry the wall cavities and thus restore and not replace the building material.

Bexley Mold Attack

This vacant property in Bexley developed huge mold patches because of excess moisture. A SERVPRO assessment of remediation encompasses removal of contaminated materials without inducing cross-contamination. This building requires extensive work to restore it to its preloss condition. This is a job that SERVPRO can handle efficiently and within a prescribed budget.

Smoke & Fire Damaged Home in German Village

The smoldering trash from a tossed cigarette butt resulted in this photograph. The German Village unit was quickly restored with the use of an air scrubber and fogging to eliminate the odors and airborne particulates. SERVPRO techs then wiped down the sooty coating on the furnishings.

Storm Damage – Columbus Home

Storm damage occurred at this Columbus home during a thunderstorm when high winds caused flying debris which broke this window. SERVPRO of South Columbus was called to board up the window on a Saturday as the window could not be replaced until Monday.

Water and Moisture Removal from a Nursing Home

A sprinkler system had gone awry wetting the corridor of this Nursing Home in German Town. The heated air movers and conduit helped to quickly dry out the excess moisture from the air, critical for the senior residents of this commercial establishment.

Residential Water Damage in Pickerington

When your Pickerington area home or business has water damage from flooding or leaks, call the local team that can respond quickly. Our SERVPRO of South Columbus technicians use advanced water damage inspection and extraction equipment to help find the damage and reduce the restoration costs. Check out this short video about a quick response to a toilet overflow job that has caused over 3 inches of water in the basement…

Mold Damage on an Exterior Wall in German Village

Water seeped in through the siding of this house in German Village which led to the proliferation of mold colonies. The wall heater failed to dry out the wall materials, and now this section was non-salvageable. Fast mold remediation can reduce costs and inconveniences.

Fire Damage – Columbus Warehouse

Fire damage at this Columbus warehouse left water and smoke damage in its wake. Pictured is the water soaked insulation hanging from the ceiling. This and other water damage needed to be cleaned up.

Mold Infestation in Groveport

The leaking from this old plumbing resulted in a mold infestation that weakened the tile around the utility sink. We removed the fixture along with the tiles to scrape and treat the wall surface. We salvaged the wall material, and spray an antifungal agent.

Moisture Damage to a Bathroom

This Groveport bathroom's ceiling was stained by water moisture because of poor ventilation. We suggested to the homeowner to open the window to increase air movement since there was no exhaust system in this bathroom.

Mold Damage – Reynoldsburg Basement

Mold damage got a serious foothold after flooding in this Reynoldsburg basement. The homeowners dried the water damage thoroughly, and they thought they had solved the problem with regards to moisture. However, three weeks later they called SERVPRO to clean up the mold shown in the photo. Don’t take chances when water and darkness have time together. Call the professionals at SERVPRO of South Columbus to prevent disasters like this from a mold invasion.

Residential Fire Damage In South Columbus

Recently, SERVPRO of South Columbus responded to a fire emergency at a residential property. The kitchen had significant fire and smoke damage. Our team of experts quickly arrived at the residence and began the restoration process. Our restoration process involves Emergency Contact, Fire Damage Assessment and Inspection, Roof Tarp Service and Immediate Board-Up, Removal of Soot and Smoke, Cleaning and Repair, and Restoration. Water damage can occur when firefighters are putting out the fire; we use air movers and dehumidifiers to eliminate lingering water and finish the drying procedure. At SERVPRO of South Columbus, we have skilled specialists with the expertise and knowledge to guide you through this stressful time. We proudly serve Columbus, Reynoldsburg, Groveport, and the surrounding area. For more information on fire damage restoration contact us today at (614) 863-1392.

Bridge from NC Flooding

Hurricane Matthew and heavy rains caused severe flooding and damage to roads and bridges throughout the North Carolina area. Many roads were washouts and crews had to wait for water levels to fall prior to starting cleanup and repairs. Our storm team was on hand to help local businesses and residents recover from the flood and storm damage. Restoring flood and storm damaged properties in the Columbus area or around the country is our specialty. Our highly trained technicians use specialized equipment to quickly restore your Columbus are residential or commercial property to pre-storm condition.

Water Damage – Columbus Church

On a Monday our team was contacted about a large roof leak that caused extensive damage at a church. The large volume of water compromised the ceiling in many different areas of the church. Our highly trained local team has the equipment and experience to handle large commercial water damage or flooding emergencies. If you experience water damage in a South Columbus area church, office building or large retail store, our dedicated crew will respond quickly to mitigate the damage. The church was able to hold service again on Wednesday.

Columbus Residence and a Car Crash

A car crashed into the side of this Columbus home damaging the brick support columns, siding, and the crawl space areas. Our SERVPRO technician secured the area before repair work could begin. The board up kept out the elements and any vermin trying to enter the crawl space or house. We strive to help our customers immediately and "Be The Best."

Residential Fire In Columbus

SERVPRO of South Columbus responded immediately to a call about a fire damage emergency at a residential property. SERVPRO has a team of highly trained technicians with the expertise and experience to handle any size disaster. Our experts use proven techniques and specialized equipment to remove all fire and smoke damage from your property. Our fire damage restoration process includes Fire Damage Assessment and Inspection, Roof Tarp Service and  Immediate Board-Up (if required), Drying and Water Removal, Removal of Soot and Smoke, Repair and Cleaning, and Restoration. At SERVPRO of South Columbus, our goal is to guide you through the restoration process and return your home to pre-fire condition. If your residential property has experienced fire damage, contact the specialists at SERVPRO for assistance today (614) 863-1392. "Faster to Any Size Disaster."

Biohazardous Cleanup in Columbus

Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people. The team at SERVPRO of South Columbus is highly trained to safely remove biohazards and dispose of them properly following health regulations and OSHA guidelines. Exposure to chemical and biological contaminants can pose serious health risks to you and your family. It is imperative to properly remove and clean substances that can contribute to an unhealthy and dangerous environment. We are equipped with all of the appropriate safety apparatus and cleaning products; we can help restore these harmful scenes back into clean, safe cars, homes, and offices. Call us first for a fast response to mitigate potential health hazards and empathetically assist you as we try to limit stress-related feelings. (614) 863-1392

Wet Bathroom Leads to Water Damage in Columbus

The shower head supply line leaked and eventually saturated the tub stall ceiling. The paint peeled off in sheets, and some of the drywall had to be cut out and trashed. Our SERVPRO tech fixed the leak and set up equipment to dry the water damaged ceiling area. He sprayed some antifungal agent to inhibit mold growth and after verifying that all was dry, closed up the ceiling the following day.

Mold Damage - Columbus Kitchen

Mold damage at a Columbus home is shown in the above photo. The mold in the photo was located behind the cabinetry on the walls. SERVPRO needed to remove and dispose of the existing cabinets in order to remediate the mold damage.

Columbus Store Damage

After a truck ran through a store front in this Columbus convenience store, we responded to safely clean up the damage and to remove any safety hazards. The insulation and debris on the top of the drop-ceiling tiles needed special attention.

Flooding from Hurricane Sandy, Not in Groveport

Since there were no storms in Groveport we responded in force to help with the flooding in Sandy. It was very bad. Although much of the contents affected by the flood water were not salvageable, most of the homes were able to be restored.

Columbus Damaged Store Reopened

After arriving and working with a large and experienced crew, SERVPRO of South Columbus had this store ready to reopen in 48 hours. It would have been quicker, but we waited on the safety released by Columbus Fire Inspector.

Water Damage from Super Storm Sandy Did Not Affect Us in Obetz

Things were quiet in Obetz, so we were able to help with the Storm Response Team. Notice the high flood water line on the garage doors--I wanted to just cry for the citizens affected, but we just got busy helping.

No Storm in Bexley

Right after the storm nature shows her beauty. I got chills when I saw the double rainbow with the dark storm clouds and the American flag waving high in the forefront. Love this country, my State of Ohio, Bexley, and our freedom--even after a severe storm disrupts and destroys our material things. SERVPRO proudly contributes.

Time Square and Columbus Follow the Post Storm Elections

While at Hurricane Sandy aftermath we were stuck in downtown traffic trying to get to a hotel and watched the returns coming in. Our Columbus, Ohio home results were of great interest to us.

Columbus Honors 35 Year Retired State Farm Agent Celebrating 60 year marriage

We love this guy and we were honored to help and be a part of their 60th wedding anniversary!! Congrats to Paul and Becky! Through the years SERVPRO of South Columbus worked with this agency to satisfy many Columbus area customers.

Double Rainbows Can Happen in Columbus

A severe thunderstorm had just passed and bamm! This magnificent double rainbow popped out of the storm clouds giving energy and a great feeling to all us SERVPRO team members who helped others, not just our locals in Columbus. You can always count on SERVPRO of South Columbus to help.

Reynoldsburg Stove Fire--Always a leading Cause of Fires

How fire damage occurs in a Reynoldsburg home. You just need to step away for a couple of minutes, but then something distracts you and now it is 20 minutes and the grease on the stove becomes a flame and it starts a blazing fire. We will restore the fire damage "Like it never even happened."

Convenience Store in Columbus Is Reopened for Business

The floor was covered with building debris and store inventory burst and scattered everywhere in this Cloumbus store. Within 48 hours were had the premises ready for business. Call us to keep your business in business.

Columbus Damage to a Store

This Coumbus local convenience store suffered extensive damage when an uninvited truck rammed the building. Our SERVPRO techs worked diligently to get the store ready for reopening with two days. Call us any time for emergency help at (614) 863-1392.