Water Damage Photo Gallery

water line flood

Water Damage Happens Often

Water damage can come from a variety of different sources; old pipes, sprinkler heads, faulty appliances or weaknesses in a building’s waterproofing. Don't wait to call your SERVPRO Team when you do experience water damage! We are on standby 24-7, here to help you!

dehumidifier after a loss

The Use Of Dehumidifiers After a Water Loss

Rapidly removing water vapor from the air after extraction helps to mitigate the damages in your Columbus home. The equipment used by our SERVPRO Team is top of the line, using best practices and techniques to restore your loss quickly. "Like it never even happened."

equipment set on saturated subfloor

Water Damage Can Happen Quickly

Water damage can happen quickly and cause more damage than you realize. Within minutes water can penetrate your walls, baseboards, cabinets, and floors. In this photo, you see where SERVPRO of South Columbus removed the flooring and the subfloor was already saturated. Our technicians had to perform what is called a "flood cut" to remove any affected drywall and aid in the drying process. Don't hesitate to call our SERVPRO Team for premier water mitigation and restoration services.

equipment set in hallway of commercial building

Assisted Living Community Flood

This assisted living community had a flood caused by a toilet overflow which flooded the whole building. Thankfully, they called our SERVPRO Team. Our dedicated crews arrived right away start mitigating and restoring their property. Our SERVPRO Team worked with the facility manager to keep the community running during the restoration process with minimal disturbance to the residents.

equipment set in hallway

Water Restoration Process

Though no water damage event is the same, the water cleanup and restoration process are the same. Our SERVPRO of South Columbus experts are here to help any time of the day or night when a water disaster strikes your home or business.

frozen stairs in basement

Frozen Pipes Can Cause Significant Damage

Columbus' cold winters can freeze pipes which in turn can cause a lot of damage in homes and businesses. This home had a frozen pipe that burst and froze the entire first floor down to the basement.

holes drilled in walls after water damage

Drilling Holes After Water Damage

When you experience water damage in your home or business, you may be wondering why our SERVPRO Team drills holes in the baseboards. By drilling holes, the water can drain from small weep holes made in the area behind baseboards once we remove them, and also from ceilings that hold water. It also allows our air movers to push air into wall cavities and other enclosed spaces and then exit out another hole.

hardwood floors removed and equipment set

Water Damaged Hardwood Floors

The hardwood floors in this residential home had to be removed after a dish washer leaked causing a significant amount of water damage. Unfortunately, the water was left sitting in the floors too long that the hardwood floors could not be saved and had to be removed.

equipment set on hardwood floors

Saving Your Hardwood Floors

When a wood floor gets wet, believe it or not but it isn't the end of the world! Here at SERVPRO of South Columbus we have the necessary state of the art equipment and experience to save your hardwood floors after water damage.

water stain on white ceiling

Your Neighbor's Water Damage Is Your Water Damage Too

Even though you try to stop potential water damage disasters from happening in your own home, you can't stop water disasters from happening in your neighbors home that could potentially affect you. When these upstairs neighbors had a toilet overflow, the downstairs neighbors had water damage on the ceiling as you can see in the picture above. SERVPRO of South Columbus cut out the affected ceiling, dried out the floor above and replaced the damaged ceiling.

equipment stacked on shelves

Our Equipment And Technicians Are Ready To Go

Whether it is a big or small disaster our SERVPRO of South Columbus warehouse is full of equipment ready to handle any size disaster that gets thrown our way.

hardwood floor removed and equipment set

Dishwasher Leak In Residential Home

SERVPRO of South Columbus was called out to this home when the homeowners noticed their hardwood floors starting to buckle. They had no idea that their dishwasher had been leaking for quite awhile. Our Team got right to work to remove the affected hardwood floors and set equipment to dry out the sub-flooring.

water covering floor of showroom in commercial building

Flooded Showroom At Local Business

Our SERVPRO of South Columbus Team was called out to this commercial business for emergency services caused by a toilet supply line coming loose. As you can see in the picture above, there was a significant amount of water on the floor. Our SERVPRO crew got right to work, extracting the water and getting this business back up and running.

Water Damage Repair In Bexley

SERVPRO of South Columbus is your best option for water damage repair and restoration. Our crew is the best in the industry and are IICRC certified. We have the equipment, training, and experience to make it “Like it never even happened.”

Water Damage In German Village

Discovering water damage on your property is the last thing you need. You can depend on the water damage restoration specialists at SERVPRO for professional and excellent service. Timing is vital when dealing with a water damage emergency, and our technicians will arrive quickly at your property. SERVPRO of South Columbus has the trained personnel, advanced equipment, and expertise to restore your property to pre-damage condition. We’re Here to Help!

Residential Water Damage in Pickerington

When your Pickerington area home or business has water damage from flooding or leaks, call the local team that can respond quickly. Our SERVPRO of South Columbus technicians use advanced water damage inspection and extraction equipment to help find the damage and reduce the restoration costs. Check out this short video about a quick response to a toilet overflow job that has caused over 3 inches of water in the basement…  https://youtu.be/2drjFgdkejI

Moisture Damage to a Bathroom

This Groveport bathroom's ceiling was stained by water moisture because of poor ventilation. We suggested to the homeowner to open the window to increase air movement since there was no exhaust system in this bathroom.

Water Damage – Columbus Church

On a Monday our team was contacted about a large roof leak that caused extensive damage at a church. The large volume of water compromised the ceiling in many different areas of the church. Our highly trained local team has the equipment and experience to handle large commercial water damage or flooding emergencies. If you experience water damage in a South Columbus area church, office building or large retail store, our dedicated crew will respond quickly to mitigate the damage. The church was able to hold service again on Wednesday.

Wet Bathroom Leads to Water Damage in Columbus

The shower head supply line leaked and eventually saturated the tub stall ceiling. The paint peeled off in sheets, and some of the drywall had to be cut out and trashed. Our SERVPRO tech fixed the leak and set up equipment to dry the water damaged ceiling area. He sprayed some antifungal agent to inhibit mold growth and after verifying that all was dry, closed up the ceiling the following day.

Double Rainbows Can Happen in Columbus

A severe thunderstorm had just passed and bamm! This magnificent double rainbow popped out of the storm clouds giving energy and a great feeling to all us SERVPRO team members who helped others, not just our locals in Columbus. You can always count on SERVPRO of South Columbus to help.